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Company Profile

We are a fast growing Tech Company serving over 50+ Tech clients in Domestic as well as Global Market.

Our Philosophy

Sugar Crystal Solutions is on a mission to empower students in the field of technology, while they're in their path of their respective academic excellence.

Our Vision

To make each & every Tech student technically & professionally equal irrespective of their college.

Our Mission

To make you Job-ready before you sit for your first Job Interview.

Types of Projects

In-House Projects

  • 1. Projects that are designed & developed to handle in house tasks.
  • 2. These projects are locally hosted and is used on a very small scale.
  • 3. It will only help you strengthen your skill-set.

Live Projects

  • 1. Projects developed specifically to solve specific problem faced by any specific industry globally.
  • 2. These projects are actually live in global market and used by numerous customers.
  • 3. Working on these projects will give you actual experience of IT Projects and make you understand the Code Standards followed globally.
Facilities In House Projects Live Projects
Training Program No Yes
Training Certificate No Yes
Internship Certificate Yes Yes
Technical Documentation Yes Yes
College Report Writing Training No Yes

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